Are you struggling with administration of your Salesforce instance? We have experience with small and huge instances. We can help.

Did you know that Salesforce Administrator is the most important role within all Salesforce roles? Administrators are:

  • responsible for the overall functionality and knowledge of the instance,
  • a bridge between business and technology,
  • capable of handling any Salesforce question that comes up,
  • and many others. 

What is included in our Salesforce Administation Services? ​

  • User Management

    User profile, permission sets and many different settings drive what a client can perform, what information the client can see, and what the client can do with the information.

  • User Training

    User training is an important part of Salesforce Admin responsibilities. A User needs to understand basic tasks and how to perform them. Only after the right training and explanation, they will understand it.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Reports can be very helpful to see how users are performing with data. Reports can identify reports that have not been run by users. We can help your business measure and monitor sales and operational data to keep your organization running smoothly.

  • Collaboration with Internal Teams

    Any external resource should collaborate on a daily basis with internal resources to align configuration and development to eliminate any potential impacts between teams.

  • Sales & Service Configuration

    We have deep knowledge of Sales and Service Cloud features. Only experienced administrators can compare the difference between out-of-the-box and customization.

  • Processes & Flows

    Salesforce provides powerful features like processes and flows which can be used to automate complex business processes. This application inside Salesforce is a powerful declarative interface to build complex logic without the use of programming language.

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